Providing Reliable Benchmarks for Transportation Agencies


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bullet Tax Documentation
bulletConstitution for the TEA
bulletBy-Laws of the TEA            


bullet Estimating Procedural Documents
bullet A Practical Guide to Estimating - Prepared by the AASHTO Technical Committee on Cost Estimating

Comments on this document can be submitted to Lesly Tribelhorn, TCCE Chair.

bulletNoteworthy Articles
bullet FHWA Major Project Program Cost Estimating Guidance (posted 7-27-04)
bullet FHWA Guidelines on Preparing Engineer's Estimate, Bid Reviews, and Evaluation (posted 7-27-04)
bulletUnderestimating Costs in Public Works Projects: Error or Lie? (posted 9-25-03)
bulletCost Based Estimates and Their Value - George Bradfield (posted 4-12-02)
bulletEstimating of Sorts and the Costly Effects of Missing Numbers (From Forbes Magazine: posted 4-18-02)

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