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About the TEA List Service

The TEA list service came in to being as a result of the 1999 TEA conference in Atlanta, Georgia.  The advantages of a listserv over a mailing link are numerous. A listserv allows people to send e-mail to one address whereupon their message is copied and sent to all of the other subscribers to the list. In this way, people who have many different kinds of e-mail access can participate in discussions together.

We would like to encourage all of you to subscribe. Subscribing to the list means that your e-mail address is kept on the server, and messages sent to the list will automatically be forwarded to your account. The following are instructions for subscribing and usage of the list.

To Subscribe or unsubscribe click here and follow instructions.

To send a message to the list: Address your e-mail to and send it. The message will be forwarded to all list subscribers. Try to include something in the subject of the e-mail that indicates the nature of the message so that the list addressees can predetermine if the message may be of interest to them. This is done as a courtesy to the recipients of the message. Also, common practices of Netiquette should be applied to all messages sent to the list. Among them, remember:

  1. Realize that sending email is not the same as talking to a person face to face. A sentence that might be clear to someone talking to you face to face might come across quite differently without the tone of your voice or the look on your face. Make sure that you are as clear as possible. "Emoticons" or smiley faces can be used to try and convey feeling and sentiment in a message. :)
  2. When responding to someone else's email message, include enough of their message so they can put it into context. This is particularly important if the other person may not read your response for a day or two.
  3. Use plain text rather than fancy formatted, bold or underlined text. The majority of users e-mail can still only accept plain text.
  4. DONíT USE ALL UPPER CASE IN YOUR MESSAGES. It looks like youíre shouting and makes it harder to read quickly.
  5. Donít "flame" other writers. If somebodyís message angers you, take a break before replying. Once you do compose a reply, re-read it before sending. E-mail is not a good medium for hot debate.

If you find yourself having trouble with procedures or questions about Netiquette, please feel free to contact us for assistance at As the list owner, we will be monitoring the content and activity closely to see how we are all getting along.

This offers us an extremely useful tool for communication among users across the country. We hope you all recognize the benefit of this service and use it to its fullest capabilities.

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Last updated: July 06, 2017