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TEA Objectives:

bullet Improve cost estimating techniques and publish guidelines used by transportation estimators (cost based, historical based and parametric)
bullet Develop innovate new cost estimating techniques  
bullet Disseminate experiences in cost estimating and new practices through yearly meetings  
bullet Publish a newsletter to transportation cost estimators  
bullet Sponsor a yearly cost estimating workshop   

Welcome to the home page for the Transportation Estimators Association. Take a look at What's New in our web.

Use this site to share information about upcoming events and links to other estimating resources on the web.  Recommendations for links to other resources are welcomed.

Link to the AASHTO Technical Committee on Cost Estimating (TCCE)

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What's New

bulletSeptember 19, 2017: Information on the 2017 TEA Conference in Kalispell, Montana
bulletSeptember 15, 2016: Information on the 2016 TEA Conference in Grand Rapids, Michigan
bulletJune 25, 2014: Information on the 2014 TEA Conference in Essex, Vermont
bulletMay 2, 2013: Information on the 2013 TEA Conference in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

bulletSeptember 4, 2012: Information on the 2012 TEA Conference in Columbus, Ohio
bulletSeptember 4, 2012: TEA Conference October 11-12, 2012 TEA Conference  2012  Agenda
bulletSeptember 4, 2012: TCCE: Technical Committee on Cost Estimating, October 9-10, 2012

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